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Bald Eagle Bust (sold)
Chickadee/Stained Glass (available)
Chickadee (sold)
Purple Finch
Deer Skull (sold)
Trout Pendant With Fly
Grizzly Bear (sold)
Desk Fin Brook Trout (sold)
Firewood Rose (sold)
Vedavoo Logo (sold)
American Goldfinch (sold)
Dragonfly (sold)
Stylized Heron Bust (sold)
Miniature Cardinal (smoothie)
Jackalope Skull (sold)
Hawk Feather Ornament (sold)
Mourning Dove (sold)
Cube Trout (sold)
Purple Martin
Deer Skull (sold)
Tiger Shark (sold)
Mahogany Owl & Nuthatch (sold)
Turtle (sold)
Baby Chickadee (sold)
Brook Trout (available)
Downy Woodpecker (sold)
Silver Laced Wyandotte (sold)
Scarlet Tanager (sold)
Brook Trout (sold)
Osprey (sold)
Eastern Bluebird (sold)
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